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Season Long Championships

The Season Long Triathlon Championship is competed over the whole calendar year and is based on a points calculated for the best three triathlons (swim, cycle & run) undertaken. Any distance of triathlon counts, however, longer distance events attract more points as do open-water swims and championship events.

From 2006 the Club committee will appoint the designated races which count towards the season long championships.

These can be found on the Race Calendar.

Season Long Championships

Points calculation

Basic points are awarded for each triathlon, based on the ratio of the overall race winner's time and the overall finish position of the FTC athlete. Each of these two ratios are multiplied by 50 and added together. For example, in a race the FTC competitor finishes with a time of 01:00:35 to the winners time of 00:54:32 in 19th position from 391 finishers. The basic points for this race are thus 92.58 (45.01 + 47.57). [45.01 = 00:54:32 / 1:00:35 & 47.57 = (391-19)/391].

The basic number of points are then multiplied by a factor dependant upon the race distance of the event as given in the table below. A longer event has a higher multiplier hence attracting more points. This weighting compensates for the fact that, in general, longer events attract a more competitive field.

Race Distance*


Pool Based Sprint Distance


Pool Based Olympic (Standard) Distance


Pool Based Middle Distance or Half Ironman (70.3)


Pool Based Long Distance or Ironman


Open Water Sprint Distance


Open Water Olympic (Standard) Distance


Open Water Middle Distance or Half Ironman (70.3)


Open Water Long Distance or Ironman


* Race distance definitions based on Internationally agreed distances

In the previous example if the race had been a pool based Sprint distance race the points would be multiplied by 1.00 to give 92.58 pts. However, if it it had been an open water Sprint distance race the points would be multiplied by 1.05 to give 97.21 pts.

Finally, if the race is a BTF National Championship 10 bonus points are added to the total.

NB Since 2010 International championship races have been withdrawn from the Season Long Triathlon Championships due to a conflict between the publication of results (by age-group) and the FTC scoring system (by overall position).

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2019 Races

Season Long Awards