Club Duathlon Results 2022

A new location for the Club Duathlon for 2022 using the Bourne Green cafe as Race HQ and transition area. 

Some very competitive racing with less than a minute in the women’s field and just 5 seconds deciding the mens. 

Congratulations to all participants and thanks to Race Director Andy, David for event planning and marshals on course. 

 Start  Into T1  Into T2  Finish  Overall Rank
Caroline Roberts7329535034784471121
Cathy Berry7321019497792471522
Charlotte Smith7321010562790582335
Rachael Hardie7321021511980772353
Kim Mepsted73210515723964389116
Lindsay Bamford7321055314812173494
Darren Tuthill4106214455695765475
David Berry4106214259705966496
James Long410613511554451341
Leo Maliphant4105563715554951392
Nick Timmins4105563941614257324
Steve Smulovic410625455744370337
Tom McGhie410613722585254423