Aquathlon Championship

The Aquathlon Championship (swim and run) up to 2005 was competed over a series of five or six races that took place in the months of March, April, May, August, September and October. It was based on the cumulative time for an individual’s best three aquathlons undertaken from the five or six. In 2006 the ‘series’ was uncontested and as a result the Management Committee introduced a single championship age-group race starting from 2007.

The Club Aquathlon Championship is normally run on a Sunday towards the end of August of each year as a culmination of three ‘warm-up’ races over the same distance during the early to mid-season.

Distances and Course
The distances consist of a 0.60 km (0.37 mile) swim, and 6.84 km (4.25 mile) run.

The swim takes place in Farnham Leisure Centre’s 25 metre swimming pool and consists of 24 lengths. Starts are normally staggered so as to allow the use of half the pool for normal swim training. It also allows slower competitors to start earlier and finish at the same time as the faster ones. (Click here for a location map of Farnham Leisure Centre).

The transition area is on pool side. The run is in Farnham Park and takes in one large loop of the park before returning to the Leisure Centre. (Click here for a map of the Aquathlon run route).

Event Rules

      1. Individual must be a ‘paid up’ FTC member.
      2. All BTF competition and technical rules pertaining to the swim and run sections of a triathlon apply.
      3. The overall winners are decided by the fastest male and female over the course.
      4. Age categories for awards can be found here.