Olympic Triathlon Cycle Route 34k (24 mile)
  1. From the transition area push your bike up the path to Dogflud Way and mount your bike on the road. Proceed along Dogflud Way bearing left in the one way system to the traffic lights.
  2. At the lights turn left and into the right-hand lane down South Street.
  3. After 200 metres the road turn sharp right. Keep in the right-hand lane and follow the road round through another right-hand bend (Downing Street). Keep left here.
  4. The road then turns sharp left into West Street. Keep straight on.
  5. At a mini roundabout take the second exit (straight on) until the Coxbridge roundabout is reached.
  6. At the roundabout signal right and take the third exit heading west along the A31 toward Alton and Winchester. Keep straight on for approximately 6 km.
  7. At the slip road exit to Bentley keep straight on the A31 to the Holybourne Roundabout.
  8. At the roundabout take the second exit (straight on), remaining on the A31 to Four Marks and the Chawton roundabout.
  9. At the slip road to Alton keep straight on the A31.
  10. At this roundabout take the third exit and retrace the route back along the A31, over the Holybourne roundabout and round Bentley to the Coxbridge roundabout.
  11. At the roundabout take the first exit left back into Farnham town centre. Keep straight on at the mini roundabout and over two pedestrian crossings until a set of traffic lights is reached (The Borough).
  12. Turn left at the lights into Woolmead Road keeping in the left-hand lane and following the one way system round (East Street) to meet Dogflud way again.
  13. Bear right and follow the road back to the Sport Centre. Dismount at the bus stop and wheel your bike back down the path to the transition area.
Olympic Triathlon Run Route 34k (24 mile)
    1. From the transition area follow the path to Dogflud Way and turn right at the footpath. Proceed in an anti-clockwise direction along Dogflud Way, turning right along East Street and remaining on the footpath until it is SAFE to cross over to the left-hand footpath. Continue past the Albion pub (at the junction of Hale Road and Guildford Road) with the pub on your right .
    2. At Stephendale Road (just after the supermarket) turn left and follow the road to the top where it enters Farnham Park via some steps.
    3. Turn left on entering Farnham Park and follow the footpath for half a mile to the far end.
    4. Keeping to the tarmac path with the bin on your right, turn sharp right up the steep hill and continue for an undulating mile to the t-junction at the top end.
    5. Keeping to the tarmac path with the bin on your right, turn sharp right and follow the path downhill for for about two-thirds of a mile until you complete a short climb to ‘The Avenue’.
    6. At the top of the hill LEAVE THE FOOTPATH and turn right along ‘The Avenue’, continue for about a third of a mile.
    7. Rejoin the footpath by turning left and continue down the steep hill.
    8. At the bottom of the hill turn sharp left. Take extreme care here particularly in wet conditions (you may leave the footpath between the last tree and the bin to negotiate a safer turn). Follow the footpath for about half a mile to your point of entry.
    9. On your FIRST LAP, stay on the footpath for another 20yds and take a sharp left at the information sign, follow the path for 100yds to loop back to where you joined ‘The Avenue’. LEAVE THE FOOTPATH  and turn left along ‘The Avenue’ and continue as before for a second lap.
      On your SECOND LAP, turn right down the steps to Stephendale Road.
    10. At the bottom of Stephendale Road turn right into Hale Road. Remain on the right-hand footpath until you pass the Albion pub on your left and continue along East Street until if is SAFE to cross over to the left-hand footpath and retrace the route back to the Leisure Centre.
    11. At Farnham Leisure Centre, turn left down the path to the junction which forms the finish point of the race.