Club Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Distance Championship

The Sprint Distance Triathlon Championship is now normally run on a Sunday in early July as a culmination of the sprint triathlon season.

Distances and Course

The distances consist of a 0.75 km (0.47 mile) swim, 15.0 km (9.3 mile) cycle and 4.0 km (2.5 mile) run.

The swim takes place in Farnham Leisure Centre‘s 25 metre pool and consists of 30 lengths. Starts are normally staggered so as to allow the use of half the pool for normal swim training. It also allows slower competitors to start earlier and finish at the same time as the faster ones. (Click here for a location map of Farnham Leisure Centre).

The transition area is outside the pool. (Click here for a map of the transition area).

The cycle route is and ‘out-and-back’ loop through Farnham town centre, and along the A31, with the turn at the village of Bentley.

The run is in Farnham Park and takes in one loop of ‘The Avenue’ before returning to the Leisure Centre.

Event Rules

      1. Individual must be a ‘paid up’ FTC member.
      2. All BTF competition and technical rules apply, in particular use of an cycle helmet (No helmet = no race!)
      3. Rear bike lights have now become compulsory for FTC events regardless of the weather conditions.
      4. The overall winners are decided by the fastest time over the course.
      5. Age categories for awards can be found here.

Alternative Sprint Distance

During the season the club also runs a number of ‘non-championship’ sprint distance triathlons over the same cycle and run route but with a shorter (500 metre) swim. Please check with the organisers if you are unsure of the route.

Club Duathlon Run 2 Route 4k (2.5 mile)
    1. From the transition area follow the path to Dogflud Way and turn right at the footpath. Proceed in an anti-clockwise direction along Dogflud Way, turning right along East Street and remaining on the footpath until it is SAFE to cross over to the left-hand footpath. Continue to the Albion pub (at the junction of Hale Road and Guildford Road).
    2. At the lights turn left along St. James Avenue and follow the road to the top where it enters Farnham Park via some steps.
    3. Turn left on entering Farnham Park and follow the footpath for half a mile to the far end.
    4. Keeping to the tarmac path with the bin on your right, turn sharp right up the steep hill for 200yds.
    5. At the top of the hill LEAVE THE FOOTPATH and turn right along ‘The Avenue’, continue for about a third of a mile to the far end.
    6. Rejoin the footpath by turning right and continue down the hill to the far corner. At the bottom of the hill turn sharp right. Follow the footpath for about 500yds to your point of entry.
    7. At the children’s playground turn left down the steps to St. James Avenue.
    8. At the bottom of St. James Avenue turn right. Remain on the right-hand footpath and continue along East Street until if is SAFE to cross over to the left-hand footpath and retrace the route back to the Leisure Centre.
    9. At Farnham Leisure Centre, turn left down the path to the junction which forms the finish point of the race.