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Race Reports 2012

Virgin London Marathon - Ian Bromley (May 2012)

Late last year I was lucky enough to win the ballot for a London Marathon place through the club.

Many people I talk to seem to regard London as more of a party than a Road Race but having run it twice I disagree and would say to anyone that hasn't run, you must if only once.

This year they seemed really strict and allowed no fancy dress towards the front regardless of predicted finish time and it took me less than a minute to cross the timing mat although sometime later I was passed by a teapot!

The start was chaotic as ever but I still managed my targeted 9 minute miles even though it seemed the whole race was passing me but it only too about 6 miles to start reeling all the sprinters in whilst I was still running the same pace.

I have an Iron distance Tri in July so set about London as an exercise in pacing and not speed, I wanted to finish in 4 hours but sadly messed up and was 59 seconds out!!!!!!!

The support is incredible and at my pace I was able to chat to loads of other runners, many from far flung places.

The approach to half way at Tower Bridge has been my favourite place on both occasions although I always find the 14-18 mile section a bit of a mind game.

Once I got to 20 I thought only 2 park runs to go!

Those who wear Garmins beware, there is an underpass that takes a few minutes to run through at about 21m and you lose satellite reception so when I got towards the end I was jogging gently along enjoying my predicted 3:57 finish only to find I had actually finished in 4:00:59 as the timer had paused in the tunnel which was a bit gutting!

I crossed the and felt the usual rush and had no aches or pains and was really pleased with how I paced the race although I have to say accurate pacing was pretty difficult as you do find yourself being passed by thousands early on and it's tough not to get caught up in the moment.

All in all a great day, highly recommended and as I missed the ballot 3 weeks ago my name will be in the hat at the AGM for 2013.

My first attempt at running the distance following a 112m bike leg awaits and 4hrs would be great but somehow I don't think so!

Many thanks to Farnham Tri for the place.